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Hi Lori

I just noticed your reply on here ( we must have been writing at the same time )

I actually sent you an email to inquire more about Leo's and you but never got a reply, I sent it from a link on your website, maybe it was never received
I too have been following your blog, and am in love with your new babies, I love the pic. of the pup and grown up with their noses together

I appreciate your reply, I am learning so much about Leo's and am more in love each day, I just need to get out to visit a breeder, I can't wait to meet them!

Originally Posted by heronview View Post
I have not been on this forum for a few years and came on tonight and saw a thread close to my heart :-)

I see a few of you know me :-) I am Lori who has the Leonbergers at Heronview and I thank you for all the kind words.

I have been breeding Leonbergers since 1996 and still think they are the best dogs around. I have 5 leos right now. Savannah 7 , Sadie 4 1/2 , Heidi 3 , Emma 14 mths and Kramer 14mths

Let me tell you a little more about the breed. Leos are wonderfully kind sensitive dogs who are addicted to people. They do not do well with any type of forceful training but will try their best to please you. When any of mine act up I just have to cross my arms and stare crossly at them. You would of thought I beat them !! They will try and get me to forgive them. The worst punishment for a leo is to be ignored. Leos want to be with their people all the time. The majority of leos love children and are pretty gentle around them. Now puppies are another story they think kids are playmates and will nip and jump until you teach them to be gentle. Leos excel at therapy work . Now the leos I am talking about come from breeders who raise their pups in their homes and socialize them, As you can see on here already there is one that came from not such a good situation and she is trying to be the best she can be now that she knows love and is gaining confidence
The difference between boys and girls. The boys are generally bigger although my girls are the size of a lot of boys. The boys have the big noggin and mane. They are also the goofballs of the breed. They never seem to grow up. Sound familier ?

The best think you can do is meet and talk to a few breeders. Ask question ask about health tests how often they breed their females.

Hope I answered some questions for you

Hi Pat hope all is well

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