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Originally Posted by Flicka View Post
Our old dog Chopper was great around our kids, but did knock our daughter down a few stairs ( by accident, not knowing how big he was!) No injuries though
How much does your Leo shed? I can handle hair, but how much are we talking here????? I think by nature Leo's are quieter than BMD, of coarse there are no guarentees

Kwilli Great pick!!!!!!
he blows his coat fully twice a year, and the other times about a handleful a day ( at least thats what I get from the brush each day) then there is surface hair when you pet him...
guess you can say all the time do not wear black or dark clothes hahahaha
their coats are much rougher than a BMD's, coarser
when we do wash him ( that's if he doesn't climb into the bath tub with you) I usally use a small amount of cream rince afterwards to help with the brushing and the softness

I know some leo's that are like Bree , 3 to be exact ( hyperness/energy I mean ) they really are just huge puppies until about 3 or 4 until they mature and some never do..
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