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Does your dog ever sit on the command? When you got her, did you train her with using the voice command or simply hand commands without your voice?

Chances are she knows exactly what sit and lie down mean. But if she isn't sitting or lying down on the first word of it, she's gotten used to having you put more effort and interaction into this process than simply hearing your voice.

IMO, I prefer a dog that responds to hand signals, simply because it requires them to look at you more often compared to just hearing your voice. Your dog NEEDS to focus on you to give you his attention and thus recieve reward.

But if you want to have her respond to voice command first - start from scratch. Say 'sit', and if she does not respond, instead of incorporating your hand signal, tap her bum lightly with gentle pressure directing her bum to the ground.
Go from the 'sit' to the 'lie down' in the same way, but do NOT use your normal hand signals. She will be looking for them.

Afterwards, praise with voice, touch, or treats - whatever you use.

Once she sits & lays at your voice command, then you can start incorporating your hand signals back into the game if you wish, as long as she continues responding to your voice.
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