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Exclamation Possibly a cat cold

Hi there, im not sure if this post is in the right place. So sorry if it isnt.

Today i bought a kitten from a guy online, She was born june 1st and he didnt get her shots, nor did he deworm her. Once i got home i noticed that there is a weezing sound when she breaths, she sneezes often, her nose is constantly runny, and her eyes are a little watery. She seems to be eating a normal amount of food, but she seems to be underweight. Im hopeing that i can get a hold of the local vet tomorrow and ask about these issues, but i thought maybe i would get some answers on here from people who have delt with these kind of problems in cats before? Im kinda thinking it may be a cold, but from the enviroment she came from, it probably could be a couple of different things effecting her. But I sure hope its nothing too serious, beause im in love with her already.

If someone could get back to me asap, i would deffinatly appreciate it.
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