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Originally Posted by ACO22 View Post
I would have called animal control and they could have come and pick it up. How did your dad put him out of his misery? I am sure he did the the most humane way, but I think the most humane is injecting a sedation and then the soloution.

Kudos for stopping for the hare.

Dont ask me how he killed it. I would prefer not to know:sad:. I closed my eyes and Covered my ears and i was in the car. But i can guess how he did it. Not exactly something i would like to get into..We dont have AC in my area. And killing him at the scene of the accident was alot better then driving an hour to the vet to get him euthed. As he would have had an extra hour of suffering.. highway patrol "deals" with dead animals (They leave small aniamls, including dogs and cats and bunnies) on the road to be eaten. The only animals they move are moose. And they take those in to be used for moose burgurs that local buisnesses sell (I know, its terrible) Quite frankly, if you dont like seeing a dead cat, dog, bunny on the road, its up to you to get rid of it if you dont like seeing it..
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