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Maybe a stroke or maybe vertigo?

My 10 year old cat woke up from a nap one day in January of this year (2018) and started showing signs of vertigo. She had very little balance and she looked like she was very dizzy. When you would call her name she couldn’t concentrate and start looking all around as if she was following some moving dots. She never threw up and kept eating and drinking through it all but liked to be in the dark because I think that it made her less dizzy. As the rest of the year started to progress the same thing happened again. It is almost like vertigo but for cats and it seems to be in episodes. We took her to the vet and they did blood work and couldn’t find anything wrong. The last month or so something else weird started happening. Every time we pet her and she started to pur she would make this hiccuping gagging noise and would sit up like she was going to vomit. Yesterday I noticed the the white part of her eye (the part you can see when she turns far to the side) is also red, her eyes are kind of watery but nothing that I thought was weird until I saw the red.

Please help if you have any advice! I love my cat and I want to make sure she is okay.
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