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So this black cat I have been feeding for awhile came to my back door at 2 am; it was bitterly cold, I think he was a bit desperate. I've set up a few shelters for strays but what's a couple of degrees when it's -30? He fled down the back stairs, me - dressed for bed - in hot pursuit. Luckily, he went under the porch. I didn't fancy a foot/paw race down the alley, the neighbours might have called it in .

After pleading in both official languages and with the help of a little catnip, I managed to seize him. Bill was turfed from the bathroom and then the apartment had to be sectioned to avoid conflict. Not much sleep was had. The stranger seems to have spent the night behind the toilet rather than in the warm bed, probably because the others were shoving their paws under the door, wretches. I gave him a big dose of RR and set down some food.

This morning he has been transferred to a large-ish crate in the kitchen, covered with blankets. Ate a little. Very hissy but will probably be fine. One almost healed wound in his ear but no other apparent damage.

Is there anyone who can give me a hand with this guy, who knows of a shelter in the Montreal area that isn't stuffed to the rafters? He can't stay here, it's already a madhouse. I've looked for posters in the neighbourhood and searched all the internet boards that I know, but no-one has reported him missing. Surprise surprise

I think he will settle right down once he's in the right environment. Wheezy is currently installed in front of the cage, giving him his special 100-yard stare, as in 'get 100 yards away from me or I'll rip your face off', which doesn't help.
Try the Husdson Veterinary Hospital (450) 458-5382. I was there about 10 days ago and all they had was one cat left, and people lining up for cats! They are really good there too, sooo humane and caring, we go there with our animals even if there are loads of others much closer!
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