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Well my neighbour lady is a bit of nitwit, nice as she was. We are in a small rural village and there are coyotes all around us. Behind her house is a big unfarmed field. No crop has been taken off that field in the 32 years we've lived here. The coyotes congregate out there and we hear them singing at night, especially in fall and early summer as the pups mature.

She didn't know that. Here she was worried about her possible coyote encounter and she didn't know how close they are to her own house. I hope she doesn't let those little dogs outside on their own. She must not hear very well either, our house is not as close to that field and we hear them.

Do you agree with me? Coyotes sing. Dogs just bark. To hear the coyotes sing is a treat. I just wish the darn dogs would shut up.
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