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chooci said it best I have been around real tame wolves before and they were NOTHING like my german shepherd. The sounds they made the way they moved they seemed much more cat like its hard to explain. They don't watch over you when you sleep, you dont just

LIke that coyote you see silently in your yard in the middle of the night. It is an animal you dont want to have in your house. Looking at in nature hunting moose and buffalo yes but not in your house and yard. I think it is cruel. Dogs have had 10 thousand years of domestication. A wolf should not be walking on a chain and leash. They should be out in the woods hunting with a pack of other wolves.

You can get sled dogs or nothern type dogs that look like wolves they are a handful to own but still they are dogs

And right NO police department is going to take a dog with wolf in it. Police import their dogs from the zcech and slovakia to get the proper traits for street or patrol work. These dogs cost thousands and thousands of dollers. THey come from the worlds best breeders. NO police man is going to accept a wolf dog as his k9 partner that is the most silly thing ever. WOlf dogs do not protect you, they do not do street patrol work nor will they do tracking they are not guard animals either, they are just wild predators. My dogs father is a street patrol dog in texas.

ALSO wolves are not dangerous in the wild because they are scared of us. When they lose that fear and turn domestic the danger level changes and a full grown mature wolf that has NO fear of humans and is fed by us can be a VERY dangerous animal.

IF you owned hundreds of acers of land and then fenced it in under ground and upper with a 10 foot gate curved inwards, provided daily road kill like a zoo type setting then you could be an ideal home I think, but if they ever get out and start to eat livestock you will be in huge trouble. A wolf can scale a 8 foot brick wall like it is nothing so can a small coyote. They have cat like agility and strange flexable limbs. A wolf when in a sprint can jump up to 5 meters across.

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