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Originally Posted by Choochi View Post
Amen! And any one who thinks you can infuse the size and aggression from the wolf into a dog and create a perfect guard or protection dog, the Russian military has tried that and they're wolf hybrid experiments failed miserably. The fearful and unstable temperament always persisted. Even after multiple generations of breeding and with training.
That wolf hybrid that bite my boyfriend was a reject police dog! The police gave the wolf hybrid to the old lady because she was getting robbed a lot and the cops told her she was to only use a 4 foot leash when walking the dog not a 6 foot leash . I could not believe this when I investigated the dog's background. I told my boyfriend that the dog looked difference than other dogs . I was shocked the cops gave a reject police dog to an little old lady because they felt sorry for getting robbed all the time. If a wolf hybrid hurt or kills a person the first thing people will do is to blame the wolf part of the dog and this is not fair to wolves as wolves fear people and do not go near them. They do not need to have any more people fearing them , if anyone is to be blame it need to be the person that got a animal they could not handle. Having a wolf hybrid would be like leaving a loaded gun lying around , you'll never go when it could go off.
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