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Originally Posted by Winston View Post
Koteburo just thought I would check in and see how your boy is coming along.. I thought you had mentioned he was going in for a neuter before you head back home....maybe your home already Hope Ragner is doing well. Most males handle it pretty well....Looking for an updated picture of your handsome boy as well....
Dear Winston (letter style)
After more and more training, meditation, fetching, breeding techniques, walks. My very dear friend Ragnar is not feeling comfortable a 100% with me. Recently we had a redirected aggression episode. We went to an enclosed big garden to play. Just him and me. He decided he didn't want to play fetch with me so I let him be, he got super hyper and after a few minutes he started charging at me from the front, left and right in an open field. He was growling and got aggressive to the point that I grabbed a plastic chair that I luckily had at hand, legs forward to keep him at bay not before he bit my arms and 1 ankle. He didn't break the skin but he did enough damage to cause bruises, bumps under my skin where the fangs hit and pain enough to take ibuprofen.
Once I yelled at him to stop, I threw the chair next to him (not at him) and broke in tears. Not because of bites but because I felt I failed and there I was loving him and hating him for a second at the same time.
I understood right there that it wasn't going to work, not because he's bad since there are no bad dogs but because I wasn't providing the conditions he needs.
I talked to his trainer and he told me that he agrees and he always thought he's one of those dogs that needs a job badly. But he also thought it was worth giving it a good shot. Like patrolling with a guard or something of the sort.
On the first day of training the trainer told me: Not every dog is a good match for every person.
He's helping me find a new place more suitable for him and he's very kind to animals so he even went to check with a potential adopter to check on the place and the conditions because we're not going to give Ragnar to anyone who says me.
His daughter (the trainer's) is a photographer and she came to take loooooooooots of great pics of Ragnar.
And that's where I'm at. I take walks with him and I star crying because we spent so much time together but at the same time I find comfort in knowing that I saved his life, that I gave it my best given my current conditions and he'll have a more fulfilling life in the right place.
Meanwhile there's Ali another rescue that's living with a vet I know here. Her story is on the main forum and some pics.
Ever since I saw her it was love at first sight. She's gentle, happy and loving and she has 3 legs. A tripawd. Met her with four but badly injured.
I'll most likely be bringing her. My husband seems to like her a lot already, even my grumpy dad has taken a special liking for her (charisma dog).
We'll be assessing her too but I'm almost positive she's a match. I just have a strong feeling, I just know it.
Sorry for the long post but I had to tell the story to a fellow animal lover
" How we behave toward cats here below determines our status in heaven."
- Robert A. Heinlein

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