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He has improved a lot! But he still won't come to me when off leash. We even started Frisbee training. The problem is when I mess up and lose my cool. Tonight we went for a walk and he picked up and avocado so we had a break so he could eat it. I let go off the leash and before I called him back he was bitting the leash and nibbling it so I got up trying to be like the boss (I feel so dumb now) demanding him to stop and give me the leash s he started running around and away, coming back and forth like a game and I got mad (which I know doesn't work at all, with dogs) I dropped some keys next to him as a distraction so I could grab him and then scolded him (yes I know, I know it's wrong) so he started to pull the leash away, jumping on me, bitting my hands and arms (nothing serious) and I got upset so I ruined it by getting mad and pushing him away and I know that's not recommended. I finally took him to do some circles to stabilize him and myself befor putting him to bed.
I lost control and did everything wrong. I have a cold and have been having headaches so imagine but still no excuse.
So the question is: How can I remember the right things to do and keep my cool when he's showing undesired behavior?

He responds so much better to the trainer even when every now and then Ragnar decides to do things his own way even with him but there's a huge difference when a stressful situation presents itself He has 30 years of experience training dogs

I forgot to tell you we do heel really well in both directions, he sits on command, sits to wait for his food.
He's not neutered yet. He's booked for Feb 8th. I wonder if that would help... ?
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