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Yes I would give him the arrgh I mentioned earlier while pulling the leash out of his controol, if he goes for it you correct him again with an arrgh. If he is super hyper when this is going on make him sit but you have to be prepared to reward the sit as well, even something as simple as what a good boy, dont touch him though because he will start to move again out of his sitting position.
If he does make him do everything that you want him to.

If your up for this I would also reccomend you put his leash on and tie him to you around your waist. This way you can also teach him what are bad manners when he is in the middle of doing something. Its always hard for puppy brain to understand sometimes what you may be trying to fix if its after the fact. Like the jumping up, if he is tied to you he wont have the opportunity to get much menentum because you will be on him right away hopefully nipping the problem in the bud.

Having said all of this why dont you discuss some of these thoughts with your trainer because ultimately they are with you and fully understand Ragner and I most certainly dont. I can only give you examples of what I have seen with a dominant dog that I owned personally. Ragner may take issue to some of these things as well so please make sure to mention what you are doing with the trainer as they are on site with you.

You can do it though and Ragner will appreciate it in the long run I am sure of that.
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