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So glad to help and yes you have to stay confident, but hey we have all had thoughs days. Not to scare you but I had a chocolate lab and he didnt stop testing me and mature until he was 4yrs old. Then he mellowed and accepted that I was higher in the pecking order than he was

A couple of things to try for the jumping are putting one of your legs up and bent up towards your chest area and if he connects he hits your leg and disrupts their success rate on connecting with you.

I have also been told when they come to jump on you you are supposed to turn around in the opposite direction HOWEVER, I have had to modify that a bit because I ended up with scratches down my back. I learned to turn around and then take a couple of steps forward and then looking back to ensure they dont connect with my back. Sometimes its hard to know when they are going to jump as well.

I would also learn how to as they call it in training to growl but to me it sounds more like arrghh but in a deep voice like a man. Hopefully this makes sense.

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