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Koteburo I just wanted to praise you for sticking with Ragner. In my opinion based on his age and length of time with you and your new to the doggy world or shall I say to the world of puppy dominance. It sounds exactly like that to me anyway. My late boy Winston was a handful. Extremely smart but he knew how to dominate me. We did 3 consecutive rounds of obedience training for approx 10 weeks each. I had to constantly stand my guard and show him I was the pack leader. I was taught to sort of growl with unwanted behaviour. It catches them off guard when you do it and their mind then becomes focused on you. I also was told by a trainer to hold him down each day until he learned to submit to it. It may sound cruel but he would wiggle and try to get out of my hold but finally realized I was the boss.

Ragner should be earning everything he gets right now. No extra treats no special babying just calm and assertive behaviour. Make him earn his rewards.

Ideally if you had a crate for Ragner so he doesnt feel so isolated it will likely help with his attitude.

I cant recall if you mentioned whether he was neutered or not. Sometimes this helps with those crazy hormones he has running through his body.

Dont give up, you can do it and OMG dogs are nothing like cats so getting ready for some fun!!

Good Luck and keep coming here for anything you need..
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