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Originally Posted by ferrari2325 View Post
Her coat isn't full and shiny anymore, she has sores on her gums, and extremely bad breath.
The sores on her gums are an alarm bell for me. Has she had a dental at all? I'm wondering if she might have Stomatitis, which is extreme gingivitis.

Try to feed her a good quality canned food, no dry. She's probably not chewing her food because it hurts, and then regurgitates it as it expands in her stomach. Get something like Wellness, Innova Evo 95% meat, Nature's Variety Instinct, Precise, Eagle Pack, Natural Balance. Don't feed any Meow Mix or Purina crap, she needs good quality nutrition to help her fragile immune system.

I'm not sure a hyperthroid test is money well spent at this point. Ask the vet about stomatitis and perhaps a referral to someone experienced in dental issues.
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