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Unhappy If anyone has any idea for my cat...

Hi, I have a four year old cat who has had some issues since I've had her, but are slowly progressing? She has another vet appointment tuesday, but if I can get any ideas before I spend more money on tests that will come back negative. She is a chronic vomiter, almost everytime she eats, she vomits. she doesn't chew her food, and I follow the recommended feeding instructions. I have tried changing her diet, numerous times, with no results. She has been tested for feline leukemia and aids, been on medication, etc. Nothing has helped. Her appetite is fine, though. She is lethargic nowadays, neverplays any more, just sits and sleeps all day. But she never gains weight. She actually looks like she is losing weight. Her coat isn't full and shiny anymore, she has sores on her gums, and extremely bad breath. I am going to get her tested for hyper thyroid at her vet appointment, but I'd hate to spend another $100 on a test for something she doesn't have. However, I have NO clue what is wrong with her. All I know is that within the last three months, she has becom every lethargic. She just sits or sleeps all day. Any ideas I can take to the vet and ask about?

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