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hello Milkandvine:

We had a male cat - Shadow - who basically, after being neutered, went through the ritual for breeding, daily at least once with our spayed female Missy.

This didn't start until Missy was about a year old..

He didn't do this either on us or the pillows, blankets, or whatever - just Missy.

This went on for nearly 12 years - she was 12 when she passed, and Shadow was 12 1/2.

We had no problem with any discharges though. But he would scruff the back of Missy's neck while he was performing. This could be what happened to your arm. He'd be so engrossed in what he's doing he mistook your arm for a female cat .

You will have to take him in hand and explain the difference to him.

I would be tempted to phone the doctor's office where you had him neutered and speak to the vet - explain your dilemma and see if you can get a reasonable answer. If not, I'd follow Hazel's idea and make an appointment to take him in and have him checked out.
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