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Neutered cat has white discharge??

Heyo folks,

I have an approximate seven and a half month old kitten(or would it be cat? Idk).

We got him neutered ASAP (I think it was at six months)

These past few weeks the household has noticed something usual with our youngest member...
He humps objects like pillows and blankets, and even the human arm! Yuck! He will bite it with his teeth and really go for it, honesty makes me feel like Im intruding on a private moment lol!

This was all fine and dandy, I had read up that this was somewhat normal?, until tonight. He was doing his thing, per usual, when he started making a chittering cooing sound. I can only describe it as a mix between a chitter and and pigeons coo, it was unusual. He then leaves the blanket right after the deed, as a good tinder date does yknow. But I noticed an usual white substance left behind. It was white almost yellow and mucus like. It only had a few spurts? Balls? Clumps? And it has the texture and consistency of boogers. Double yuck.

Anyways I had no clue what in the world this was. My first thought was the very obvious one, love juice, yknow. But hes neutered and has no health issues. This is the first and only time this substance has been left behind. I have no idea what it could be. I dont think its coming from the booty area, but geez Im stumped.

I figured I dont know enough about cats and their intimate parts to truly discover the answer to this question. Maybe yall have some insight?

Cheers and thank you in advance,
Sorely confused and hoping my cat did not bust a nut on my good pillows,
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