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Wobbly cat


I have two British Shorthair kittens, 66 days old, which I grew since birth because their mom did not survive the birth surgery.
For three weeks everything was fine, except some constipation followed by diarheea, which were easily solved following vetís advice.
They were fed and kept exactly according to vetís indication.
Weighing also indicated normal growth, as they added grams daily.

At almost 3 weeks, one of them started to shake her head continuously and to lose balance.
Since then I visited more vets, but none could state the problem.
All tests done so far (x Ray, D3, toxoplasmosis) were ok.
I gave both kittens vitamins daily since around 4 weeks old, according to vetís prescription.

The only clues i could notice so far are that her claws are not strong and from the back paws only one claw is still complete, the rest are broken.
The whiskers are very short in comparison to her sister and grey (not black).
My guess is that there is a lack of vitamins/calcium etc, but I am worried that she is not improving after a month on vitamins.

Does anyone have any advice?
I am not using forums for treatments, but I have no other option since I cannot get a result from the vets I visited so far.
Thank you in advance!
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