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That sounds like a significant change, from once in a while to every day. I think I'd see a different Vet for a second opinion.

Is it vomit or regurgitation? Your Vet will want to know. REgurgitus can look like a tube whereas vomit is often a puddle but these are not foolproof means of ID.

Is he an inside cat? Do you provide cat grass? OUtside cats might benefit from some cat grass in winter. If you start giving cat grass things might get worse for a while, probably best to see the second Vet first. If you are not providing cat grass check all your houseplants carefully to see if he is nibbling on one that might be poisonous. Check anyway. It would be logical for him, if he's an outdoor cat, to eat more of your houseplants only in winter when he can't get grass outside. That might be why the uptick in the upchuck.
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