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Originally Posted by ancientgirl View Post
Oh cool.

For some reason, when you posted, there was no picture. It looked like maybe you forgot to put it on there.

I see it now. It looks fabulous! I don't know what you were talking about not being inspired or your stuff not looking as nice as some you see. I think this page looks really lovely!
Thank you AG, actually the first post did disappear eventually, I didn't realize that if I deleted it from my photobucket after posting on a site it would disappear...(my lack of computer knowledge astounds me). Trust me my first few pages, don't compare to this one. I took my time, and tried different layouts before I attached anything. This is my first "good" one.

Originally Posted by quincymycat View Post
LMPG, the image came up in both posts, the original and the second. It looks great.
I was given a scrapbook about 7 or 8 years ago and I never took it out of the box. It got sold at my yard sale last fall for a ridiculously low price. If I had known things could look that good, maybe I would have tried, but I am not crafty in that way.
Do you only hvae one Dollarama in town? Crap, we have about 6 all within close proximity to each other. I always noticed they had tons of stuff in their craft isle for scrapbooking. I would definately try back again. Although not everything is still $1, never is it much more and compared to large craft stores, they are unbelievable for selection and price.
Good work. Post more when you do it!
Thank you quincymycat, and yes I think there is more than one Dollarama in Calgary, I'm just unfamiliar with their locations so I stick to the one I know.
There is also one in Airdrie, where I recently moved from, so the next time I go up there to collect the rent, I'm going to check them out too.
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