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Hehe - thanks Luba! Actually, my dog Chloe does more for the breed's reputation than I ever could!

Yes, Pit bulls were originally a mix of the English White Terrier and Bulldogs. The name "pit bull" is rather generic, and can mean any dog used in dogfights.

All dog breeds were once mixes, or crosses, as breeders strove to get a dog for a particular purpose, but after it's bred true for a number of generations it is recognized as a breed on it's own.

As for the dogs in the shelter - no there really is no way to be 100% sure of their breed, as pit bulls come in so many different sizes and colours. I can usually spot what I am pretty sure is a purebred, but again not 100%.

I'm not saying the pit mixes should not be trusted or adopted out - many of them are very sweet and wonderful dogs, depending on what they are mixed with. It just depends which traits the dog has gotten from the two different breeds. It may very well have the best of both!
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