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Well all I can say as that whoever owns a pet is responsible for their lives and their quality of life. This includes being responsible enough to ensure that none of our animals die needlessly and/or painfully either by preditors including us as human beings.

Life is very interesting. Everyone is responsible and if you fail any of your animals, later in life you will be burdeoned by their early departure due to irresponsiblity. You may even experience hardship along the way unrelated however it is because of the negative karma that you left behind. Justice has a way of paying us back either through others or by events.

To the person who has opened this thread you should really consider re-deeming yourself and helping all those little souls that rely heavily upon you. Karma will get you if you do not take care of business.

Please get all your cats (males/females - outdoor and indoor) spayed and neutered. Save not only these souls but that of the unborn. Why would you want babies to be tortured, killed or left to starve? Can you live with this? I certainly could not.