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Originally, when pit bulls were bred only to fight in pits, they had to be able to be safely handled by the so-called "dog men" (aka scumbags and sadists)

A dog who would turn on his owner or handler would be instantly disposed of - given a "dirt nap" as they so charmingly put it. This way, these dogs developed a great inhibition against biting humans, even in the heat of a fight.

This is why breaking sticks can be used successfully on fighting pit bulls, but not on other breeds who would most likely bite the person trying to break the fight.

However, we now have people - lowlifes - encouraging human aggression - but it's not a natural trait of this breed.

Mixing pit bulls with guardian breeds like Mastiffs has also become popular. This is a very bad idea, because you can end up with a dog who has the determination and drive of a pit bull, but no inhibition against biting or attacking people. VERY bad combination, which, sadly, is exactly what these people want.

The worst part is that when these dogs DO attack, they are inevitably identified by the media as "pit bulls".

"Proper temperament" for a pit bull is submissive to all humans, and intolerant or aggressive to other dogs and maybe other animals too.

Personally, I would like to see the dog aggression bred out of the breed - they would be so much easier to adopt out.
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