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Originally Posted by Frenchy View Post
Maybe , but if I pay for a canadian service , by a canadian company , I would expect them to hire canadians.

Originally Posted by diandpat View Post
Our company laid off thousands of permanent employees to outsource to India. It is a Canadian company.

CANADIANS need jobs too.

There is no difference here than the rag trade using kids in China to make their goods...bottom line is the almighty dollar and it is always the same people who get richer!

Nothing against the people in India but there are people here willing and able to do those jobs too.
We are losing thousands of jobs a month. I get extremely irritated when the phone rings at 6:00 pm and I'm trying to make supper and I get a call from someone who can barely speak english, or speaks so fast you can't understand them. I was thrilled when the do not call list came into effect but its less then perfect.
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