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I get mine from a local store (where I get my dog food), but you can probably order it easily because , well, I know here, the distributor is one of the big guys, so it's pretty accessible..

My doggies are perfectly healthy and they get a half a squirt of the Biofats twice a day. It is easier with the pump.. You just kind of lean into the fridge and squirt. The recommended dose is much higher, but I find with just a bit, added to the food, which is already pretty good, is enough (and it's fairly expensive, so I use it sparingly, but still see enough of an effect).

There are other supplements on the market, but I just find the quality of the ingredients in these to be better than the ones I've seen around.

Oh and yeah, it looks like you just sprinkle the powder on the food for the vites one.

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