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Another one here who would highly recommend Heronview Kennels, and as Shirley has said, Lori is so knowledgeable about Leos and knows all the breeders. We have a 5 year old Leo. Savannah did not come from Heronview as they did not have enough puppies when my daughter and SIL were on Lori's list.

Savannah weighs 110 lbs., and is a gorgeous girl. While there are no children in the home, lots of friends visit with their kids, and she loves them all. It did take her a while to mature, and in the early days she was a tad destructive, but that is all behind us now.

Leos, much the same as Newfs, love the water, and one time at the lake Savannah swam so far out my SIL and neighbour had to go out in the boat to bring her back in.

We have a wonderful off leash dog park in Mississauga (Totoredaca), and when we were there yesterday with our dogs, many people wanted to know what breed Savannah is and remarked on how beautiful she is.

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