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It's good to hear that Harley is easygoing that was what the breeder told me, that they love going for walks but are also happy hanging out inside. I'm sure we wouldn't have a problem giivng him the exercise he needs, but stuff happens sometimes where he couldnt get out for a walk so its good that they're ok with that. Afterall he would still have the backyard. As far as being bored I dont think that would be a concern. We have 4 kids!!! after a visit to my aunt & uncles who have a 7 mth old austrailian/Lab the puppy is pooped and passes out under the table. The puppy is worn out before the kids are lol. I'm really do feel that we could handle his exercise needs. I'm so excited to meet with the breeders this weekend. It's good to hear Flicka had a positive experience in Havelock. Right now I think we're leaning more towards leonbergers but who knows after this weekend. I am a bit concerened about obiedence training, Like Breeze said I know it's so important because of their size. I have never trained a puppy our current dog and previous were from the humane society.
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