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Unhappy Golden Retriever & Fast Breathing


First of all, thanks for your time. I have a question regarding my beautiful, 9 year-old, male Golden Retriever. I lately have noticed that he has been breathing a bit strange- my mother (who he lives with) claims that he's always breathed this way, which may very well be true, but I am still concerned.

His breathing rate is generally pretty high- around 25-45 breaths per minute at rest, and it sounds sort of huffy, like he breathes in and out very fast. His breathing can also be quite audible sometimes, and he also snores.

Beau does have arthritis. He had a vet checkup about two months ago, and the vet listened to his heart and lungs, checked for lumps (Beau also has a couple of benign lipomas) and did the other routine things. He gave Beau a clear bill of health, apart from the arthritis. I do not think my mom brought up the breathing, but the vet obviously didn't say anything.

I am very, VERY concerned it might be a heart problem, as it does run in his family but the vet says that his heart is fine so far. However, Beau has never had x-rays, etc., just stethoscope exams. I am wondering if the fast breathing could be from the pain he gets from his arthritis, or just from being excited?

Beau is otherwise in really great health- he eats like a horse, drinks a reasonable amount and still loves to play and exercise. He's in really good spirits, has a wet nose, pink gums, no coughing, etc. It's just his breathing that seems weird.

I should mention that I just timed his breathing now and it is at 16 breaths per minute (he's sleeping right now). I know I'm crazy, but now I'm worried that's too slow, since his breathing is very often so much quicker!

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