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Originally Posted by luckypenny View Post
I'm confused . Blood Urea Nitrogen and Creatinine is good when it's high? As for the calcium and phosphorus...the increase is good?

Great news she's feeling so much better .
No, not good when it's high but I was expecting it to be even higher - basically the results came back better (not as high) than expected, the numbers are lower than I thought they might be.

The BUN & Creatinine are too high out of the normal range but have risen slower than the comparison between tests in apr and sept
The Calcium & phosphate are still in normal range but have gone up slightly, I need to make sure these don't go out of the normal range.

I would have preferred all the values to have dropped or stayed the same with the exception of the Urine Specific Gravity that one is bad when lower. I was hoping the USG would have gone up a bit meaning more concentrated, especially since she is not peeing as often as before which you would think that would show more concentration. She was peeing small amounts several times a day & now she is going slightly more volume wise but only twice a day.

Cat's bodies are designed to conserve water which is why they have a low thirst drive. Their kidneys will actually concentrate their urine in order to remove some of the water to use elsewhere in the body. Higher Urine Specific Gravity is better meaning more concentrated - kidneys are functioning normally, the lower the SG the more dilute the urine, the cat drinks more & pees more in order to flush the toxins from the body, this puts more stress on the kidneys.
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