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Duffy had blood & urine work done yesterday, just waiting for the results - should be in tomorrow. I can't wait

We also have a recheck scheduled with the homeopath vet for next wednesday to see how she's doing, go over the test results & decide what to do with the 1 bad tooth (kidney values must be stabilized before any anaethesia).

Unfortunately I work until 7pm tomorrow get home around 8 so I have to wait extra long to see the results. I told the girl @ the reg vet (where the blood was taken) that the vet didn't need to call unless she saw something alarming in the results as I've become fairly good @ reading results & we have an appt w/homeopath next week anyways. If it's good results I think the reg vet doesn't need to take time away from other patients when I'm seeing another vet next week.

I had the girl weigh Duffy as well & she's dropped 0.16kg since Oct this is good she's now @ 5.48kg (12.08lbs from 12.43lbs)

I'm thinking I will do a full switch to the homeopath (who is also trained in conventional vet med) & not go to the reg vet anymore. The philosophy of homeopathy speaks to me & I "get" the whole package idea (energy(aura)/stress/food/chemicals/trauma/death etc all playing a role in the overall health of the pet). Not sure I could go conventional again.

Finally, finally!!! got compensation coming from Royal Canin for the kidney issues - they are mailing out a cheque (takes 6 weeks?!?! from Ont ) that reimburses me for all the testing (not counting the ones from yesterday will send those in after next week exam) & exams including the homeopath visits. They will not cover the supplements because they are "not gov't regulated" meaning not conventional treatment methods even after I mentioned due to the homeopath's treatment protocol & supplements she is feeling better no such compensation for pain/suffering/emotional trauma etc

Will update after I get the results from the testing
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