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Chico - yes it most likely will, it works the same as pumpkin or sweet potato but cats prefer the taste of Butternut Squash - even Duffy was licking it off my finger & has not problem with it in her dinner.

Pick up the small jar of either Earth Organics or Heinz Organics, use about 1/4 tsp per meal, since the food will go bad in the fridge before you use it all up scoop it into ice cube trays & freeze it. I found in my tray there was more babyfood than tray to do it per 1/4 tsp so I ended up with a teaspoon in most of them & 3/4 of a tsp in 2 spaces - it's easy to section cut the babyfood while frozen, then dump it in a plastic bag. Add to the meal & place the dish in a sink of hot water to warm the food up abit (most cats love warm food) this will melt the frozen cube & then you can mix in with the rest of the food
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