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Thanks everyone I just hope all this reflects in her kidney values

Originally Posted by chico2 View Post
I am dreading Rockys vet-visit,he needs his teeth scaled,but the vet wanted to wait for his Thyroids to be ok:sad:
So far his hyperness(is there such a word)has not improved much,he eats like a piglet,just like Duffy but is not gaining back his weight..:sad:
I have never been able to brush their teeth,especially not Rocky and I am sure it needs doing,so I'll see what the vet says.
Chico - The Dr had Duffy wrapped in a towel sitting on his lap, awake, while he did the hand scaling took less than 5 mins. He mentioned he prefers not to put them under anaethesia for the hand scaling unless also doing xrays/extractions etc. Perhaps your vet could try this with Rocky also

Duffy actually has a little of the opposite problem - she's a little chubby

I started the tooth brushing tonight, after her dinner, but before the Zoom Groom Massage so she gets a about the brushing. Not to happy about it though

The whole atmosphere of the clinic is very comfortable, not sterile clinic, soft comfy lighting, a couch, laminate wood floors (warm sense feeling) art on the wall, alot of natural wood decor. Duffy is way more comfortable there than @ the reg vets office. She even wanders around exploring the room a little, interested in what's here & there, not just running for the crate or door wanting out.
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