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Now granted I'm not seeing this...but the cat stalking the dog, that's kind of how cats play with each other sometimes.
Like HRP said, it might just be an attempt at play.

(Serious cat aggression signs usually include a siren noise, hackles on the back fur standing way up...and the cat not backing down)

Given the size difference, I'm not sure the potential for something terrible is huge. It's kind of like if the dog was stalking a horse...

Seems to me that you are keeping a keen eye, and I recommend that you CONTINUE because you are not sure yet.

I might try to do a test and see what happens when you are ready....
It's possible the cat will try to pounce on the dog (though it's super rare in my experience) - but this might end in play versus disaster. USUALLY the disaster (if it were to happen) would go the other way, where a large dog could harm the cat. Again that does not at all sound like what's happening here.

That said -be ready with your LOUD voice to yell at them - A pair of winter gloves as an extra precaution in case you need to separate them (and prevent bites) might make you more at ease...

But If i were in your situation...I would not blindly discourage them from building a relationship...they could end up being buddies.
LOTS of cats and dogs are buddies. Many cats will avoid dogs if they fear the dog...that's not the case here.
Seems unlikely to me that the cat's goal is to harm the dog. Goldens are gentle in general. If it got out of hand I think the dog would put the cat in its place.

Love to hear an update - hope that may help
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