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Hi Jim,

Just realised I never replied to your question here. I waited a while, moved my other cat to the same vet I use for the dogs and when I had calmed somewhat I sent a courtesy email to the vet in question explaining my thoughts and why I had moved my other cat. Remember at this point I had no requirement to tell her why, or even speak to her at all.

In response to my email I got a phone call from one screaming angry vet. She said she had already phoned the new vet when she saw where the other cats records had gone to say I would probably be bad mouthing her and to make sure they believe her not me.

She also said she had mentioned cancer months before and I was the one who had not taken it further. Bearing in mind I am the kind of person who comes home from the vet a googles the absolute ****e out of everything. I am not someone who accepts someones word for things. With this in mind she did NOT, repeat NOT mention lymphoma/cancer/IBD already otherwise I would have already known everything there was to know about it.

She basically acted like a paranoid mess, said I couldn't sue her I had no grounds. Which made me think I should sue her just because. Said I should have calmed down by now. Tried to blame us, said she asked us if Lucy was still vomiting and we said no. What we actually said was we had no idea as the cats had free access to outdoors.

Anyway, top and bottom, she obviously knew she dropped the ball otherwise she wouldn't have phoned the new vet. I had also had done 2 independant second opinions. Now these 2 reports said they would have pursued different avenues initially but the really telling thing was both reports said they would have investigated back in May, which was one of my biggest issues here. I mentioned these 2 reports to her and she went even more spazzy.

To be honest the pain was too raw, I never took ti any further. But I have told everyone I know in this small town. Mentioned full names and even found another person with a similar story.....
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