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wen you added the 2 3 month old kittens is that wen tiger started spraying ??

reason i ask is a friend had 2 older cats & added a kitten & eventually i took the kitten because they wld not stop spraying & sprayed the bed pillows ect

after he was removed & came to live with me it stopped & it was good for her & it was good for me got a great cat shoe already named

sounds like you have a houseful of cats & he is one of your older ones ??

also some x older pets like people have bladder problems & every person / critters weight fluctuates thru out the day i would not force feed him based on what the scale says

id weigh him 1x a week only he does eat some on his own & you said he is eating now thats good but i wld not force feed him plus he is in & out side he may be getting things out side

its kinda like force feeding a person l sm x we dont eat wen feeling sick

if he is gonna get better & make it a while longer he will need to do so on his own as youve stated your having major surgery & hubby wont do it

if he has anxiety it cld of been made worse by force feeding

what about water intake ? do you force water in him or does he drink water ??

i wish you good luck but he may be his time i commend you for taking good care of him & paying expensive vet bills to get him well

so many x people ask ? on internet for pet medical advice instead of taking pet to vet i no its expensive but as a loving pet mom or dad its our

responsibility i am disabled due to multiple sclerosis im a single mom & its hard but my mom has congestive heart failure & she requires daily meds &

monthly vet visits & quarterly blood work my vet no's my situation & has
been very accommodating as possible but no way cld i have a sick animal

& not get vet care they r my k9children i have 3 children 1 gran child & 3 k9

kids i believe in keeping them until their time ps have you asked your vet about force feeding him ??

& weighing him daily & feeding based on scale ??

what type of scale do you use ?? most accurate wld be a baby scale

good luck to you & tiger & to u on your upcoming surgery

the spraying is very annoying im sure no suggestions on that except possibly the kittens ?? is he neutered ??
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