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Tig is starting to eat on his own... that he will continue. I have only force fed him 3 times over the last 5 days and so far he's maintaining the 8.4 - 8.6 weight, now to increase his weight.

What I've noticed over the past week is he does not want to eat in the morning and only a small amount in afternoon. The bulk of his food is consumed in the evening/night and he likes the raw...thank god for small miracles. this good to consume most of his food at night? The morning is spent going around the yard and remarking his area. and of course he's still spraying inside as well...if I have to wash the bedroom drapes one more time, I might as well take them down.

Anyone have any thoughts on the spray/marking? Does anyone know of a drug that would help with the spraying? As I've said before the house smells like cat pee and the one thing I was proud of was the lack of cat smells in the house, even with everyone inside.

We also think he is losing his peripheral vision, would explain his hesitancy getting outside. Could also explain why he sprays so much. If sight is going he needs to spray more?

Anyway thought I'd pass on some positive news and of course please keep the fingers crossed that he continues to eat on his own.
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