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Unhappy Cuckoo

I have a Belgian Malinois, not pure bred however, he is the mirror image of his father who is purebred. These dogs are high maintenance. I wish I would have researched this breed before purchasing otherwise I would have not done so. Now we are family and he has an adopted brother who takes care of this puppy. We are beginning agility classes and it appears that he may attend doggy daycare. What is frustrating because he is so hyper all dogs attack him and he goes balistic when he sees other dogs and should they sniff automatic fight and moses does not understand he is all over the other dog like a fly on poo and that angers the other dog. Now there is another issue and she is extremely friendly yet when the 3 of us walk by her gate I used to be able to pat her his tempermant has caused this gentle giant to react and growl now I am unable to even touch her. Moses also has a nipping problem and thru advisement I have been given the proper procedure on how others as in humans should approach him not helping. if anybody has any suggestion please help me pulling out hair
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