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For the food gurus

I recently brought home a foster dog that has very weak back legs. The weakness may be a result of hip problems or arthrits but I won't know until he is x-rayed on December 5. We don't know his history aside from the fact he was found by animal control and never claimed. He may have spent his life in a cage for all I know so the weakness may be a result of not enough exercise. I have already noticed an improvement from the day I brought him home but he is still having trouble.
His back end is very thin and there is absolutely no muscle mass. Is there something I could give him to help build his strength and muscle mass? We have started exercising him slowly by taking him on short walks but I was thinking a diet higher protein in may help.
I am not going to feed him RAW but if supplementing his kibble with red meat will help him I will certainly give it a try.
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