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Originally Posted by chico2 View Post
Oh no Robyn,poor little guy and poor you,the news brings tears to my eyes,I will certainly for our little trooper,who's spent such a long time fighting against one thing or the other and for you mf
Thank you Chico!! You guys are all so awesome

Originally Posted by 14+kitties View Post
for Nookie and you.
Thank you 14+!!
Originally Posted by rainbow View Post
Poor Nookie.

All AB's can cause nausea but I'm wondering why your vet would prescribe Baytril when it can cause seizures in animals that are prone to having them.
It's funny that you should mention that rainbow...
I was online looking at the possible side effects when I noticed that everything (and every website) I was reading said the same thing:
Should not be given to dogs who are prone to seizures
I immediately called Dr. Marsden (Karen) and told her my concerns. She put me on hold and then came back and said the other vet must have had a lapse in judgement or just made an error because Nookie should not be on Baytril. She said it can cause joint problems as well as seizures and restlessness and should only be used as a "big gun" when there is no other alternative. So she has told me to stop giving it to him and is calling in a different antibiotic to Costco for me to pick up tonight. And vets wonder why people always complain about the cost!! I paid $40 for a 1 week supply of something that could cause serious damage to my baby! What a waste...

Originally Posted by luckypenny View Post
If you head to the vet today, please update us. All my thoughts and prayers are always with you guys .
Thank you so much LP, it's very appreciated
I have spoken with both Dr. Marsdens (Mr and Mrs) today. They said as long as he has some energy he should be fine until Friday. They both think it's the Baytril that has killed his appetite. Dr. Steve said that if he doesn't have a bowel movement today then we need to go in for x-rays tomorrow. He told me to fry some burger because the flavor might be more appealing and to steep some grated ginger (make tea out of it) and give him 1 tbsp every 15 minutes for a total of 4-5 tbsp then offer him food. If he isn't eating after trying fried burger and ginger tea and gets more lethargic, I will take him in tomorrow
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