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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
That's great that he's at least off the pred now! How long do they figure it will take before he's off the phenobarb, too?
Well, they dropped him from 60mg 2x daily down to just 60mg at night, before bed. That's been a little over a week now. We have an appt. next Friday and they will see how he's doing at that time. They will check his "seizure aura", whatever that means lol. Dr. Marsden said he would like to see him off the phenobarb completely by the end of Feb. He is leaving town on Feb 15 and will be gone for a month, so I'm assuming he will have us drop it by half again for the second part of Feb. then be done with it. I would think if lowering the dose was going to have an ill effect, we would have seen a seizure in the last week? But who knows
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