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Thumbs up Staph infection

I am so excited to tell everyone about how I cured my dog's staph infection! We first tried the vet's antibiotics, but the sores on her belly did not heal. Then we ordered an expensive spray over the internet which did not help either. Then my husband and I remembered that our son, Brent, had a bad yeast infection, thrush, in his mouth when he was a baby. Nothing helped so the doctor told us about tincture of violet and said that it was also use in the old days to cure sore throat and strep throat. Yes, it is from violet flowers. It is a purple color and it stains everything it comes into contact with. We new it would not hurt for Molly our dog to lick it since it went into the mouth of a baby. We put it directly on her sores when she was still had only two days of antibiotic to take and still had two open sores. We let it dry before letting her get on our rugs. It does not come off onto the rugs etc. after it dries. In just two days the sores closed up. It is now finally healed! I was so afraid we were going to watch our dog slowly die of staph. By the way the last dose of antibiotic dried up Molly's eyes so badly she could not open her eyes. We had to put on prescription eye drops to cure the side effects of the last antibiotic that did not cure the staph infection. You can get tincture of violet at a drug store if not try a health food or herbal store. I do not sell it. I know it's a pain to have a purple dog for a while, but well worth the instant cure. Their skin and hair will rejuvenate itself and not stay purple forever.

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