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Poor thing, i really hope you don't have to put her down:-(((((( so sad! Can you give her something so she wouldn't itch?? I used to give my dog benadryl but my vet told me it wasn't strong enough..I'm using Zyrtec right now, he is 135lb, he gets one a day...looks like it helps with the itching a bit.

If it's staph infection, steroid shot might help!!! It was only $18 at my vet so definitely are just not sure how often you have to repeat them..maybe every few month, maybe less..
I've read somewhere TEA TREA OIL helps with staph and I have been putting it on my boys dryes them out and they are healing..but they are also spreading a bit more now:-(((..last year around this time it got really bad as well...I don't want him on antiobiotic all the time, though...and it comes back after we stop them..he is not miserable so I'm trying to give him more probiotic and extra skin vitamins and fish oil, hoping it helps...I also feed raw diet and probiotic yogurt with it..he just turned 2 years old so I'm hoping his body might fight it off..

Look at the treats and make sure you don't give her anything with rise, corn, soy, wheat or chicken as these are the most common food allergens..

Please don't give up on your girl!!!
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