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My poor Brutus

First I would like to say, I stumbled across this forum and signed up to it because it was the most informative one I have seen yet!
I have an English Mastiff that is a year and a half old. He gets reacurring sores ALL over his belly and between his legs. The one vet said it is a staph infection and another vet (second opinion) said it is from his urine splashing up because he doesn't hike his leg to pee. Regardless, he gets antibiotics and it seems to go away, then a month or so later, comes back. In addition, he gets really itchy, his ears get yucky stuff in them and stink really bad (i use ear wash and clean them out with paper towels and q-tips) also he gets a greenish discharge from his genitals.
As I said, Brutus is 1 1/2 years old and has never had a totally SOLID stool either . I feed him IAMS proactive large breed.
I feel so bad for the poor guy! I love him to pieces, he's the BIGGEST baby!
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