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Don't know of any studies, but I was told years ago to use on my animals by a local farmer. I was afraid so I checked it out on internet and found it has been used for years for people as well as animals. It is an antiseptic as well as anti-fungal. After spending hundreds of dollars with my vet on ear infections in my dog, I tried the Blue Power treatment and it completely cured him. If you search it there are directions, but you have to do the full treatment. The name on the bottle is actually Gentian Violet and it WORKS! I get mine at Target from the pharmacist. The only negative thing is it does stain, so I use it outside and let it completely dry before letting my dog get on furniture. I have recommended it to many dog owners and have not found one person it did not work for. If you are worried your pet will lick at it, it was used in babies mouths in early 1800's to cure thrush. I would search it and read all the benefits, but even Mayo Clinic stands by it, search and see. I wish I would have known earlier and saved my pets suffering needlessly!
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