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Talking Update on the pooch

Originally Posted by klmccallum View Post
Do you cover her crate with an old sheet or blanket? That has helped our pup.

Do you put the rug that sits next to your bed into the crate? If she hasn't had any accidents on the rug then maybe laying that rug inside the crate would help too?

It's been a month since I had the benefit of all your kind advice, and I can say that things are much better. Our dog (who we've since named Hermione) is house/crate trained for the most part. In the end, the things that clicked for her were two weeks of tying her to me all day, covering her crate with a blanket (which she responded to immediately), and finally switching to dried beef liver treats for her congratulatory treat when she urinates outside. We are all much more relaxed now and can just enjoy her, rather than fretting all the time.

Nevertheless, we still fret over one thing. She's still an obsessive drinker. Walking her on rainy days is the challenge of a lifetime! If we fill her bowl, she'll drink until she vomits...every time. So we're quite militant about her water now - a half cup at a time. The vet wanted to wait a while before running lots of tests - to see if it was behavioral from her time as a stray or in the shelter. But it's been a month now, so I'm going to take her in and ask for the tests mentioned in posts on obsessive drinking.

I just wanted to post an update for all the wonderful people who responded to my initial plea for help. Your advice was terrific, and my family is grateful.

Thanks again!
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