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Originally Posted by clm View Post
Is there anyway you can block her off in a room like the kitchen when you go out instead of crating her? See how that works, as you say she's fine all night when she's not in the crate, she'll likely be fine for 6 hours left alone during the day too. Sounds to me like it's the crate that's creating the problem.

Thanks for your thoughts. To clarify, she'll urinate in any room (other than our bedroom) when we're not looking. The thing that was throwing me is that in the past, I've used crating very successfully to housetrain dogs - because they didn't want to urinate in the crate. So I didn't know what to do with a dog that is willing to lay in its own urine. That was new to me.

That said, I can pen her in another room, but since she's willing to relieve herself in most of them I want to try to make the crate work. (My landlord lives below me and will notice if the ceiling begins leaking.)

Thanks again, and I'm still listenening to everyone's ideas. For now I have her tethered to my hip as recommended earlier.

Thanks everybody, and also for the support for adopting an older dog. We worried about it a little, (I buried my last dog only 2.5 years ago and still miss her terribly) but in the end my 8-year-old son argued that even just a few years can still be very special. And old dogs deserve loving homes too.
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