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Hello Kittydollfriend:

welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear of the problem you're having with your kitty.

In cases like this it would be a good idea to get copies of any blood work or other tests done, just in case you find it necessary to find another vet. It could save having the same thing done twice.

I would have to agree with HRP in regards to trying to find a "cat only" vet. I was fortunate enough to have a vet who suggested a cat only vet years ago when we were moving to a new town.

We also had another vet who apologized because she didn't feel comfortable working with felines cause she was a dog and large animal vet.

Something to look for in another vet - if you go that route - see if you can find an integrative vet who is both allopathic and homeopathic. It gives you extra options.

Keep us posted.
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