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Seems like chasing, yelling and throwing stuff will cause your kitty to fear you.

Is he scratching in front of you or only when you are out of sight?

Perhaps you could play with your kitty while he's on the scratch post to tire him out. Use a toy on a stick or flashlight to encourage him to run up and down his scratching post.

Maybe confine kitty to one or two rooms when you're not able to monitor him. You will then eliminate the destruction of your belongings and be less stressed. When you're able to watch him then let him have the run of the house and of course correct any inappropriate scratching. Try to startle him with a loud clap or "hey" which should make him stop.

Please don't consider declawing your kitty. There are so many reasons not to including the fact that it is inhumane IMO. Some kitties are so traumatized after this type of surgery that they refuse to use their litter box. They're meant to climb and scratch which is why they have those claws not to mention its their only defence should they need to protect themselves.
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